With flirting going on all over the place- at bars and clubs, social gatherings, online and on dating websites, it’s to be expected that we all don’t stick to the same formula when it comes to winning someone over.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

www.vouchercodespro.co.uk has found that there are five distinct flirting styles that people adopt when talking to someone they fancy. The ‘flanter’ comes top of the list; those who use flirty banter to win the attention of the person they are pursuing.

With a huge 91% of, men and women who flirt with someone they are interested in it is no surprise that there are variations in the ways in which we woo willing 'flirtees'. 67% reported that someone has flirted with them too, so it would seem that we are good at dishing it out just not detecting when we are at the receiving end!

5 flirting styles:

‘Flanter’ (flirty banter) – An easy conversation full of meaningless crap but it's flowing and you are making each other smile.

Cheesy chat up lines – All the ones you have heard before, yet are still strangely funny sometimes and credit to the them- they have the guts to actually say the stuff that you only read about.

Playing hard to get – Always answering a question with another question or being really vague with their answers.

Dutch courage (tipsy/drunken flirting) – The ones who over-share how much they like you and how long they have been staring at you all night.

Boastful bragger – The person who tells you about their expensive car, their flash house, where they got their clothes from and who their claims to fame are.

Those who were single said that flirting is not associated with confidence, with many reporting that they didn’t feel any less or more confident flirting the longer they were single. A small minority thought that they got more confident as time went on as a single guy or gal and around the same felt that their confidence dwindled the longer they were flirting without a mate.

Flirting is reportedly only successful half of the time, with a minute success rate of just 7%, often because the person that is targeted is way out of a man/woman’s league. To compensate for this lousy result, many people opt for buying a drink, flowers or chocolates to try and win their potential dates over with material gestures.    

George Charles, spokesperson for VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, said the following: “There are so many flirting types these days; everyone seems to have a different style that suits their personality, confidence and dating ability. We’re not surprised that ‘flanter’ seems to be the most popular style right now because everyone loves to find someone that they can have a laugh with, whether they just remain friends or become more than friends. What we found most interesting from this research is that just over one fifth of Britons choose to flirt mostly online via dating websites or social media. This possibly increases a person’s level of confidence as they don’t have the initial nerves of having to approach somebody, but it’s a great way to portray your personality without leaving yourself completely out there and vulnerable.”

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