Christmas is almost here and it's a wonderful time to be single. That's because you have more chances to meet someone amazing than any other time of the year… just as long as you are willing to embrace the season!

Christmas on Female First

Christmas on Female First

Here are relationship expert James Preece's top tips for making sure you end the year with more dates than you ever imagined.

1) The Christmas period is the beginning of the busiest time for online dating sites, leading up until Valentine's Day. It's when people are most likely to decide they would like to meet a new partner. So make sure your dating profile is up to scratch and it's ready for the increased activity!

2) Accept every invite. You have something that couples just don't have - freedom! There's no excuse for refusing to attend a party. Get yourself out there and make the effort as you never know how many gorgeous singles might be there too.

3) You don't have to be lonely this Christmas. In fact, you can get a date almost instantly by using an app on your phone, such as Tinder. This will allow you to find out who is single and in your area, meaning you can arrange to meet them right away.

4) Invite your other single friends to a Festive Feast. The condition is that they have to bring someone along who is also single. Every pair brings a course so you don't end up cooking everything yourself. Hang up some mistletoe and make sure there's plenty of mulled wine to break the ice!

5) Make a date with Charity. There are lots of charities out there who would dearly love your help. So if you have a few hours free, use it to help people who would appreciate it. Perhaps one of the other volunteers might be your Mr or Miss Right.

6) Christmas is the peak time of year for engagement sales as more rings are sold this time than any other. So if you've been seeing someone you aren't sure about, be ready in case they get down on one knee!

7) If you have just started to see someone then present buying can be quite stressful. It can be easy to spend too much to try to impress him or frustrating knowing what he might want. So have a quick chat in advance and agree a budget so you both are on the same page about what's appropriate.

8) If you want someone to kiss you, think about this happening while you speak to them. This makes your eyes dilate so they appear bigger which is a sign of attractiveness. Keep darting your eyes to their lips and they'll subconsciously get the message.

9) Office parties are fantastic opportunities to meet someone. If you want to get some attention at a Christmas party then flatter them. Start a conversation by paying a compliment. This could be about something they are wearing or tell them they have a sexy voice. They won't want to walk away from someone who is making them feel good about themselves.

10) Think up a fun activity date. This could be ice skating, watching a funny pantomime or taking party on a late night Ghost Walk. Sharing a fun action packed activity together makes the brain release chemicals that are the same as feeling attraction.

James Preece is the UK's leading dating and relationship expert. If you'd like some help with your love life this Christmas, you can find out more about him here / @JamesPreeceGuru