AXA have just found the top ten feel good films for men. So now we know what we can get away with on date nights with our fellas, and we have the evidence to prove it if they resist!



Back to the Future- Anything about time travel tends to be quite universal and if it saves us from a night watching Dr Who- all the better for watching you!

Toy Story- For the inner child in us all! It’s nice to kick back with a film where you don’t have to think too much and there is a guaranteed happy ending!

Shrek- Instils faith back in us all that even when you are having an ugly day- someone still loves you- and he’s sat right next to you on the sofa!

The Full Monty- This makes you feel like you can do anything even if you are having a tight month money wise in the joint account!

The Shawshank Redemption- This is my partner’s favourite film of all time and each time I watch it with him- I understand why. It brings mutual respect to your relationship!

Groundhog Day- Any chance to do things differently- we would all love that. Just as long as it’s not to get with someone other than the person sat across from you on the couch!

Mamma Mia- He wants to watch it to see James Bond sing- and anything that is a musical strikes a chord with us every time!

Pretty Woman- Now it is an iconic chick flick, but this is one we can agree on because it has sex scenes and semi naked ladies throughout- but we still get the cheese!

It’s A Wonderful Life- When you are both in a slump, you can at least look around and see that you’re not in a house with no windows, that your staircase is intact and that you have the people you love right next to you alive and well.

Grease- We know for the men that it’s all about Olivia Newton John in that black silky number at the end, but for us- we just want to be in the girls’ click and join in with all the singing and dancing!



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