Engage Foundation have listed the top 50 things that take time away from being with your loved one. We say get some perspective and if it’s not that important- spend the well needed time with your partner!

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First


PPI phone calls- OK so barely have time to say 2 words to my fella on a work’s night and yet I am going to spend time talking to some stranger about money I am no owed! Don’t think so!

Waiting in a supermarket queue- I might as well take my trolley to the self-service checkout that seem to be taking up the entire store now!

Unnecessary packaging- you want us to recycle- fine, but why do you need a massive box for something the size of a pea?!

Queuing- Do I really need this stuff?! On second thoughts no- we can eat the out of date food at the back of the cupboard!  

Roadworks- Why can’t you do them at night? When it’s the weekend? On a holiday???

Waiting for someone to call back- You imagine them dialling about a million times before your phone rings staring at the screen like a madwoman!

Self-service checkouts where you always end up needing assistance- The staff are stood around doing nothing, while you do their job and then need their help anyway!

TV adverts- If there were none- I wouldn’t have spent fifty quid on a mascara or have an arse like a small house!

Waiting for pages to load on the computer- The power of the entire internet at your fingertips and it’s always late!

Candy Crush- for those who have forgotten what an actual game is like. Charades, Monopoly,  Boggle- hello?

Facebook- why do you care what someone you used to go to school with 15 years is doing with their life now? They bullied you- they won’t give a s**t!

People that won’t listen to you- You imagine yourself punching them in the face to shake them into paying attention like in he movies!

When you’ve got loads of emails to open even when they don’t apply to you- I don’t care what you deal of the day is or what is going for a fiver, I’m skint and at work!

Dusting when the dust settles straight away- That black TV stand that is like a dusting Groundhog Day!

Cleaning- he is only going to mess it up tomorrow- so what is the point?!

Advertisements before the movie starts in the cinema- One or two- ok- but factoring in 40 minutes before your film into your night to be told about the membership discounts, not to use your phone while the film is on or to see Kevin Bacon for the millionth time are all taking their toll!

Untangling earphone cable when they only get tangled up again- The fairies did it!

Cleaning the house windows in winter- Why? There is no light to show up the dirt anyway!

Commuting- I don’t want to go to work anyway now I have to tag on an hour to get there and back?!

Taking the wrong turn on a motorway- And of course the next junction doesn’t have a roundabout!

Surfing between television channels- Make a decision! Make a decision! Make a decision!

Putting away supermarket shopping- It’s only going to get eaten in a matter of days- store the perishable stuff and leave the rest in easy reach I say!

Twitter- Where you can catch everyone’s Facebook posts again- only this time they are shorter and have no picture!

Food that looks really nice on the packet and when you taste you want to throw it away- diet crap- the same very time!

EastEnders- why would you want to watch a programed that makes you more miserable?

Waiting for delayed trains- Get your arse on and off the train faster- it’s not the early 1900s we have places to be now!

Watching Come Dine With Me repeats- You know what’s going to happen and the people are annoying the first time around!

People who give directions but have no idea where they are going- Just say you don’t know and stop wasting my time to save your pride!

Soap operas- My life is one- why do I need to watch another?

Tidying- He is only going to mess it up with his clothes, pocket contents and empty sweetie wrappers- why bother?

Clearing up mess after spilling stuff- If I put the couch at that angle – then no-one ever needs to know!

Waiting for the washing machine cycle to finish- It’s like  a baby cry, I can hear it from any room in the house!

Waiting for the kettle / pan of water to boil- Its water- it’s only magic trick is to boil! Do it faster!

Match of the Day- men kicking around football in the rain- if I wanted to watch this I would go down the park.

Caffeine free tea and coffee- The whole point is to give you a buzz!

Booking an appointment at the Doctor’s over the phone- You call 90 times to be told that they are engaged and when you eventually get through 10 minutes after the line reopens- they are fully booked!

Long term gym contracts- you are never going to stick to it despite your best intentions!

Waiting for YouTube videos to download / stream- is it really that important to watch someone put a firework up their arse?

Pizzas with that massively thick crust which makes you so full you don’t have room for the actual pizza- Well at least you can doggy bag the rest!

Waiting to fill up your petrol tank- it should be like a printer cartridge- open- slot in- drive away!

Having to take stuff back to the shop because it didn’t fit- Those deceptive shop mirrors making you look like you’re ready for anything, yeah- ready for a night in with your dressing gown over the top!

Train timetables- confused.com

Waiting for nails to dry- no one notices them but me- unless I gesture wildly with them and keep my hands around my face when I talk to people!

Cooking a big meal but nobody is hungry- You put it in the fridge to eat tomorrow and they go and get take out! Never again- until next week!

Waiting for the bath to run- it’s a nice thought but when its full the moment‘s gone!

De-icing the car- You lose you scraper and have to resort to your supermarket points card!

Trying over and over to book tickets for a gig online- it doesn’t recognise your security code and you have to art all over again!


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