Today is National Raspberry Cake Day so we take a look at those times when you must eat cake with your loved one.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Every birthday- Even though you're getting older- cake is still a must at every one of your and your partner's birthdays. If you don't have the time- then buy your partner one- but if you do- they will appreciate the effort you have put into making it.

When you get engaged- Straight after he puts the ring on your finger, it's time for some cake- that's what everyone does when they get engaged right?!

Your wedding anniversary- It only comes around once a year so why not indulge a little? You only need enough for the both of you so it doesn't have to be big but it's nostalgic to think back to eating your wedding cake every year you're together.

Your wedding day- Forget fancy cheese stacks- you must have cake on your big day. It will keep the guests happy after the wedding breakfast but you can stuff your face too after months of pre-wedding diets.

Christmas- Christmas would not be complete without a cake- it doesn't have to be traditional if fruit isn't your thing but you need to ice a cake for the festive period- which is something you can enjoy doing together.

Your engagement anniversary- If one celebration a year isn't enough then why not grab a cake to mark your engagement anniversary too? Any excuse!

Celebrations- A promotion, passing an exam or a completing a course- a cake is a great way to show your partner how proud you are of them for their achievements and vice versa.

When you get pregnant- You like cake, your partner likes cake- so the baby's bound to as well. All the hype is because of them after all so they deserve a treat.