Today is of course Friday the 13th- a day people assume is doomed because there was a horror movie made about it. To celebrate this unlucky occasion, we reflect on what you have to put up with if you’re in love with someone who is seriously superstitious.

Cute BUT deadly

Cute BUT deadly

If you or they break a mirror- You WILL have seven years bad luck as a couple. There is no question about it. Everything that goes wrong in your relationship during this period will stem from that smashed mirror- nothing else.

They won't allow you to walk under a ladder- If you're walking hand in hand they'll pull away because heaven knows what would happen if you walked under it. Instantly break up perhaps…

They prefer waterproofs to umbrellas- A waterproof keeps them from getting wet, but most importantly of all- if they put it on before they leave, nothing bad will happen - unlike an umbrella which you must never open up in the house- NEVER.

If either of you buy new shoes- You can take them out the box, even look at them, you may try them on or put them away in your wardrobe- but if you put them on the table- sinister things will happen for sure.

If they see a single magpie- They instantly believe they are destined for a bad day. You might as well go home because no good can come from this day. They may salute it, spit in its general direction or say something to it while it's innocently looking for food by the side of the road unaware of the impending doom it brings.

They have no problem with cats- All except the black ones because they're bad luck and if you were to own one together- your life would be a never-ending river of regret.

They are forever scrambling around for change on the ground in public places- Find a penny- pick it up and all that! And if they find anything larger than a penny- they are safe for a few days at least.

Stairs are particularly challenging- They don’t like to cross people on them so you try to take the lift wherever you go to avoid waiting until public stairways are clear- which FYI is NEVER.  

Meals are embarrassing- You dread the possibility of them spilling the salt and throwing it over their shoulder. You can literally see the anger boil within the staff as they know they’ll have to bring out the hoover once you’ve paid the bill.

On Friday 13th- They don't even bother leaving the house- they work from home  or call in sick and avoid all things sharp. They just hunker down and count the hours until it's all over like it’s Final Destination and some calendar obsessed force is out to get them.

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