Today is National Read A Book Day, so to celebrate we share what you should know before you start dating a woman who always has her nose in a book. 

She can read anywhere!

She can read anywhere!

You can get away with watching pretty much anything you want- If she's not into it, she will read on the couch next to you so at least you're in the same room.

She will read at bedtime- So you have to be clear if you want sex or you won't be the one keeping her up until the early hours.

Try not to engage her in conversation while she's reading- Her mind will be filled with predications of what's going to happen next and which character she's routing for- she won't give you her full attention.

Gifts are easy- If you know which book she wants- great- if not- she'll be just as happy with a voucher so she can go to the book store and pick some new titles herself.

She's totally ok with a low key weekend- She doesn't need to go out and spend money to have fun- she's more than happy to snuggle up in the sunshine or on the couch and read her book if you want to stop in and have a lazy day.

She gets excited by book stores- If you come across one on the high street- you'd better go and get a coffee- she may be a while.

When someone has read the same book- Her eyes light up because she knows she has made a new friend and they'll have lots to talk about.

She's a book sniffer- When she opens a book, she gets great pleasure from sniffing it before she reads the first chapter. It's a little ritual she has.

She's very particular about her books- They are all in alphabetical order on her bookshelf and in perfect condition. (See next point)

She thinks anyone who breaks the spine or folds pages is a monster- So don't even think about doing that with one of your books or you'll never hear the end of it.

If you take her to see a movie adaptation of a book she's read- You can guarantee she'll say 'the book's better'.

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