Today is National Go For Broke Day so we thought we would reflect on the weird and wonderful things couples do when they have no disposable income.

You read and take walks a LOT

You read and take walks a LOT

You eat odd combinations for food- You can’t afford a big shop, so you resort to putting together things you find in your freezer. And because everything looks the same when it’s frozen you end up with duets like Spaghetti Bolognese and soup or chilli and lasagne for your evening meal.

You cut down your portions- Where you might have eaten a pile of pasta in one sitting- now you divide it up to give yourselves another day’s worth of food.

You both lose weight- All this portion control and strange food combos means you’re not eating as much as you used to and avoiding all the convenience food and take outs, so it does your waistlines a massive favour.

You find cheap ways of entertaining yourselves- Like having sex, playing board games and taking walks around the block after work. As long as it doesn’t use any electricity- you’ve already tried it.

You have to say ‘no’ to invitations out- Unless someone is supplying free food at a nearby get together- then you’re game. So you avoid nights out on the tiles, double date restaurant outings and trips to the pub until payday.

You have modest date nights- You can’t afford to go out for a meal, to the cinema or to get a take away, so you resort to making each other meals from what’s already in the cupboard and having an early night.

You layer up- Rather than pop on the heating, you bring out the extra jumpers and blankets and snuggle up to each other at night to keep in the warmth.

You read- You can’t mindlessly put on the TV when you’re trying to cut back on the bills, so you read a lot more than usual. But it’s fine because you can do so while warming each other up in bed so it ticks two boxes.

You make things last- You find that one last squeeze of toothpaste with a bit of extra effort, put water in the soap dispenser to get the last lather from the bits the tube can’t reach and you smell your clothes before putting them in the washing basket after just one day’s wear.

Your home looks like a laundrette- You try and cut back on the use of your dryer so the maidens make an appearance and you can’t move in your home for clothes that are still damp even days later. 

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