As it's Travel Tuesday AND National Shop For Travel Day, we thought we would reflect on the benefits of travelling with your partner.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

It gives you something new to talk about- If you were to stay home all the time and never go anywhere together, your conversation would dry up pretty fast. If you travel together you can talk about the people, the sights, the sounds, the atmosphere. It introduces a whole new line of conversation.

You will experience new things together- Even if one of you has been to your intended destination before- you have never been together. There's something special about discovering new things and experiencing the unknown with the person you love.

It helps you plan and organise things together- Let’s face it- anything from a weekend away to an extended trip abroad needs careful planning and preparation. You can each take on an element of your travels or do it all together- but either way- it ensures you are both working towards the same goal.

It creates memories- Doing the same thing all the time means your memories fade into one another- but if you have a standout moment from your travels- you will be telling the story for years afterwards and reliving the moment well into old age.

You get to have sex in a new place- Sex somewhere new is bound to have a positive impact on your sex life and bring you closer together. It might encourage you to try something that you can take back home with you!

It helps you to learn new things about one another- Whether you’ve been together forever or your relationship is relatively new- when you are both out of your comfort zone in an unfamiliar place, it might reveal a side of each other you’ve never noticed before.

It gives you some time away from digital devices- Generally- when you go on holiday, the connection isn’t as good as it is at home- so you have nothing to do other than talk to each other, have sex and give your partner your full attention. It’s like screen time never existed.

You appreciate each other more- You have unlimited time for one another. Work isn’t getting in the way, you don’t have technology fighting for your attention, family and friends are temporarily out of the picture and often with the language difference- the only person who truly understands you is your partner.

You feel safer- Travelling alone might sound like a good idea- but having your partner alongside means you can protect and look out for one another in new surroundings.  

It makes you stronger- Travelling isn’t an easy thing to do- there are obstacles, challenges and difficulties along the way and any couple that can navigate through these will form an even greater bond than at home.

It makes you realise what you have back home- Even if your destination is paradise- there is nothing like the feeling of returning to the home you have made, the habits you have formed and the familiarity of the life you have created as a couple. 

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