Top 5 Hottest Vampire Diaries Characters

Top 5 Hottest Vampire Diaries Characters

If you’re a Vampire Diaries fan then you’ll have had lots of men to swoon over since the show started.

It was difficult, but we’ve chosen five of the shows devilishly handsome characters to let you ogle at and here they are, enjoy!

Damon Salvatore

He’s the bad boy that everyone loves to hate and although he has some questionable morals, he has so much love for Elena that we can find it in ourselves to let his bad ways slide.

He’s the bad brother who is dark and mysterious as well as truly delicious. We really can’t get enough of him and we can’t wait to see what he brings through the series.


We’re not going to lie, we have so much love for Klaus because he’s British. Even though we hear it all day, every day, there’s nothing like hearing a lovely British accent among the Americans.

It also helps that he’s dashing handsome and has some of that British charm that he likes to use occasionally.

Call us crazy, but even when he goes on a mad killing spree and gets all angry, we still can’t help but be attracted to him – does that make us weird? Come on! We know you like it too.

Stefan Salvatore

If there’s one thing we love most about Stefan, it has to be those biceps – have you seen the size of them?!

He was a bit of a wet blanket at first, being all lovey dovey and obsessed with Elena, but then he turned bad boy and we have to say it suited him.

He took a leaf from Damon and although he’s back under control now, we still see hints of his past every now again and it definitely brings more excitement to his character.

Jeremy Gilbert

He started off as the rebellious little brother of Elena who, we’ll admit, we found incredibly annoying at first.

The neediness and constant depression did nothing for us but now he’s bloomed into this heroic God-like man and we like what we see!

Yes, he may have turned into a vampire killing maniac for a moment but he’s getting it under control, thankfully.

Tyler Lockwood

We think it’s safe to say that when The Vampire Diaries first started, everyone actually hated Tyler Lockwood.

He was a spoiled, childish little boy who was headed out to be one of these people who peaked in High School.

Things started to get interesting when his uncle Mason showed up and when he turned all werewolf on us, he certainly made stand up and pay attention!

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