Maggie Grace

Maggie Grace

Lost actress Maggie Grace celebrates her big 3-0 today as we have a look at her past relationships to celebrate along with her.

Grace lived in Hawaii while she was filming Lost and her co-stars were intent on getting her a date; she said that some of the actors would probably have me with a different guy every night." (Wikipedia), however most were “very protective" and "very opinionated" (Wikipedia) when it came to who she dated.

Josh Holloway once brought her a portfolio of male models, who he had previously worked with in an attempt to help her find a pre-approved guy.

Grace later dated her on screen brother Ian Somerhalder once they had both finished shooting Lost and when she was asked about him she said: "Ian's great, I adore him, although I'm only 22 – far too young to even think about having a serious relationship." (Wikipedia)

He was a little more gushing about her; "She's hateable in Lost, but really she's the sweetest, most adorable thing on the planet". (IMDB)

While they were working on Lost together they adopted a feral cat, called ‘Roo’ after finding him dying in the jungle while on set. The cat now accompanies her to shoots and she calls him her ‘travel buddy’.

In 2008-2009, she then dated a contestant from the second season of The Amazing Race and founder of TOMS Shoes, Blake Mycoskie.

Happy Birthday Maggie!


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