Today is National Technology Day- a day to remember all that technology gives us but also all that it takes away just as quickly. Here are just a few ways it can creep into your relationship and how to stop it in its tracks. 

Laptops, phones, I pads- the list goes on

Laptops, phones, I pads- the list goes on

Your TV- Yes it may give you the opportunity to snuggle- but it stops you talking to one another or at least distracts you from really listening to what your partner is telling you about their day. Turn it off until you have each offloaded about your work stuff.

Your phone- If you have your phone out in bed- this is stopping you from having sex or any kind of physical contact at all. When you could be cuddling up, instead you are getting closer to a screen that will never love you as much as your partner no matter how much time you spend with it. Put it on charge and look up for once! 

Your I pad- Yes you may be able to watch funny videos together on it and share some giggles but it's still screen time- instead of looking at that you should be looking at each other and laughing at your own couply jokes. The ones you made without the help of a device to get you sniggering.

Your games console- If you want to fight- this is your chance to not only do it digitally but also in real life too. If you'd rather spend your time with virtual people than your loved one you are going to run into trouble where your romantic life is concerned. Why not save it for when your partner is at work or out with their mates?

Your laptop- Try not to be tempted to start doing work at home- this is a sure fire way to lose that home/work balance that people keep banging on about. There's a reason they do because it's important to leave work at the door when you come home or you'll become a dull person who will eventually be a single dull person.

Kindle- You may be making yourself a little bit more cultured, but know your limits. If you like reading, give yourself a time frame so you know when to stop and turn to look at that person who sleeps next to you every night.

The Cinema- Trading one screen for another- yet another barrier to conversation and touching- because who can get comfortable in those chairs enough to hold hands or lean on their partner anyway?! Perhaps consider another hobby you can do together that takes you outside?

When you look back over your time together with your lover- what will you remember? Being in the moment while making memories to cherish or their silhouette in your peripheral vision? I sincerely hope it's not the latter.

Top tips for stopping technology from being the third wheel in your relationship:

  1. Have a digital budget every night and once you've reached your limit- come off.
  2. Get an alarm clock and don't have your phone by your bed- charge it another room.
  3. Always talk about your day before the TV goes on or the phones come out. It's impotant to allow your partner the time to unwind by letting them get their work niggles off their chest.
  4. Make a plan at the beginning of the week to spend at least one night doing something other than watching TV. Go for a walk, cook something together or pick a topic of conversation you haven't talked about before.
  5. Make sure you tell your partner you love them face to face every day and not through text message, email, Facebook or your electronic communication of choice. If you have something meaningful to say don't rely on technology to do it for you.

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