As much as we love our other halves, there are aspects of them that drive us completely bonkers.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Men have revealed that their biggest annoyance is being dragged around the shops by their beloved wife or girlfriend.

It’s not just the shear boredom that men hate, but the hot shops and the fact that they will be dragged into the same shop multiple times.

All this means that men will become bored of shopping with their partner after just 26 minutes of being there.

Women have their limits too, but for completely different reasons. Women admitted to getting bored after two hours but only if they couldn’t find what they were looking for a risk leaving empty handed.

Andy Oldham, Managing Director at the UK’s biggest cashback site Quidco, which commissioned the research, said, “Shopping is generally thought to be a woman’s hobby and something men are just subjected to.

“These results certainly seem to back that up, with men getting fed-up of the spending spree pretty much as soon as they get there.

“If men buy whatever they were looking for in one of the first shops they went into, it’s going to get pretty tiresome going from shop-to-shop with their other half – especially if they are having to follow them into the same store several times.

“But it seems women also have their limit when they are in a busy shopping centre, just for completely different reasons – more down to being frustrated at not being able to find what they were looking for or leaving empty-handed.

“Online shopping can be a great solution for both parties as it avoids the tense trip. Add cashback on purchases you needed to make in the first place and both genders will be in a happier place after any spree.”

Nearly half of the men surveyed said that they hated shopping with their partner so much that they would avoid it at all costs.

The one thing guaranteed to make a man boil over is by taking forever browsing in one shop, followed by continuing to shop even though they found what they wanted in the first shop.

This drives men to extremes, with over a quarter saying they have left their partner to shop alone and returned home.

Half of men will wander off to another area of a store whilst a third will wander to another shop altogether.

A further third admit to waiting outside for their partner to finish, and a fifth pass the time by looking at other women.

If you’re desperate for your man to behave then it might be worth offering him a treat. Nearly two thirds of men admitted that they would shop silently with their partner in exchange for a treat.

The most effective treats proved to be a meal, a drink in a pub or promises that they won’t have to come along on the next shopping trip.

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