Today is National Swap Ideas Day, so here are just a few reasons why exchanging ideas is good for your partnership. 

For that light bulb moment

For that light bulb moment

To see things from another perspective- Sometimes you don't even consider another way around something and all it takes is your partner to offer their take on things, which might completely change how you approach a project or situation.

So neither of you is black and white- While decisiveness can be appropriate in some situations- in relationships there are a lot of greys so it's vital that you open up to them rather than seeing everything as one extreme of the other.

Joint ideas can sometimes be better- You both might have half-formed ideas that on their own don't work- however when you put your heads together- sometimes this makes for one great idea.

To show that you're listening- You may not agree with your partner's idea but they will appreciate you taking the time out to let them have their say all the same.

It also shows respect- If you dismiss all of your partner's ideas- it shows a lack of respect for their opinion and input, which is just as valid as yours.

It inspires conversation- There's nothing that gets a dialogue going like throwing around some ideas between you. Even if you don't come to a conclusion- at least it got you talking and making a positive exchange.

It demonstrates give and take- Relationships are all about this and the back and forth of swapping ideas shows that you are open to new things and flexible about the outcome.

It demonstrates a deeper thinking- It can be off-putting when someone refuses to look around and take into consideration the situation and personal circumstance. It's enlightening to think about all the possibilities rather than just the one.

It shows that you can compromise- Relationships are not all about getting your own way. They are about reaching a place where you are both happy. Combined ideas can help you to let go of some things and welcome new ones so both you are your partner are content with the end goal.

It can reduce arguments- If you both have an idea that you're keeping to yourself and you know it doesn't gel with your partner's, you are more likely to reach a point of conflict if it comes out in the wrong way. Better to share ideas as they happen rather than letting them lie.

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