It makes them feel safe- If your partner feels physically safe in your arms; they are more likely to open up to you, which increases the amount of honest communication that's exchanged. Many couples have their best conversations in bed because this is when they choose to cuddle one another.

It makes them feel happier

It makes them feel happier

It can boost their levels of oxytocin- This combats feelings of loneliness, isolation and anger, so with one embrace you can make your loved one feel calmer and give them a sense of togetherness when they feel misunderstood or alone in a situation.

It can make them happier- A cuddle can increase your significant other's serotonin levels, which makes them feel happier and puts them in a better mood. If you want to start your evening off well, give your partner a cuddle so they know you are pleased to see them and that home is a happy place to be.

They establish equality in your relationship- It's important to cuddle your partner but it's also important that they cuddle you back and initiate hugs once in a while. Cuddles teach you that relationships are about give and take depending on how each of you is feeling.

It encourages empathy- Sometimes words are too difficult to find- but a simple cuddle can demonstrate your understanding and that you're trying to see their situation from their point of view.

Who knows where it might lead- Cuddles bring your bodies closer together and may encourage you to become more intimate as you physically connect with skin on skin contact.

They can boost your partner's self-esteem- Cuddles are synonymous with good things- they can be congratulatory, an expression of love or a demonstration of support- all of which are positive. Giving your partner a cuddle will help them naturally gravitate towards positive thinking because they are programmed to associate one with the other.

They can relax your partner- If you are in a good place, your body will be in a relaxed state. If your partner is tense, passing on your good energy through a cuddle can encourage them to absorb some of it and dissipate their anxieties.

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