We take a look at what makes tennis players so irresistible as partners to celebrate Cori Gauff's victory against Venus Williams at Wimbledon.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

They're driven- Unlike other exercises; tennis has strict rules and regulations to adhere to. It's not a matter of popping on different machines at the gym till you get tired. There is a formula to stick to and it makes players organised and methodical in all areas of their life. Decisiveness can make a relationship simple.

They're fit and healthy- They exercise regularly and they eat to give them the most energy on the court. They can be a good influence if they partner up with someone who exercises sporadically and eats take out all the time.

They have boundless energy- Anyone who exercises and eats well will have lots of bounce to do not only day time activities but night time ones too! Expect an energetic and regular sex life.

They keep their whites white- They look damn good in white against that gentle tan from spending a lot of time in the open air. But they still manage to keep their clothes looking fresh and clean while getting sweaty. It's a gift.

They're outdoorsy- They don't spend all hours cooped up in the house. They like to get outside, take a deep breath and make the most of their surroundings. If their lover is indecisive, you can guarantee they have an idea tucked up their sleeve for a day in the great outdoors.

They have a hobby- It can be frustrating to be with a partner who has no hobby other than playing on their phone all hours of the day. Every couple needs time alone and together and time on the courts gives you a well needed break to pursue your own interests and hobbies while they do theirs.

They're committed- It can be tricky to find something you love enough to do all the time. If a partner is committed to a sport, then this should extend to their personal life too. They are not afraid to stick with one thing (or person) for their entire life- a desirable quality in a partner.

They're strong- Although they may not boast the muscles of a body builder, they have a lot of strength in their modest looking frame. Details aside, this comes in very handy when experimenting in the bedroom.

They fulfil fantasies- Dressing up is used to spice up many a sex life but it costs money and requires planning. When they put on their kit- you can enjoy a spontaneous tennis inspired role play any day of the week.

They're bound to be good at spanking- If they can hit a ball at several miles per hour, then they are going to be good with a paddle. They can't deny that one.

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