According to Talk Talk Mobile there are certain dos and don'ts when it comes to your phone and your man, so we share them with you!

What are your dos and don'ts?

What are your dos and don'ts?


Think about the choice of ringtone- If your phone still rings with ‘all the single ladies’ you might make him insecure!

Keep inappropriate conversations about relationships private- Don’t have an argument over text- There is no tone to go off or body language to see- you might take something the wrong way!

Turn off your phone in important social situations –If it’s your wedding day, don’t let the objection in the middle be from your mate hoping you have a nice day via text.

Watch your language when in a public space- If you have nicknames and little silly phrases that you use together don’t use them in public for they are for your ears only. No-one will get them and think you’re weird.

Pay attention to where you are calling from. The echo of a bathroom is a dead giveaway- No matter how much you love your partner- letting him hear you pee is the buzz kill of the century. Anything more and his mojo will be lost forever.

Think about being overly affectionate in texts – putting too many kisses- Too many can make you seem desperate, especially if you have just left him and you will be seeing him after work- it’s only 8 hours of your day- suck it up!

Give your friend your phone when tempted to drunken call or text- Whether it’s an argument or a sext, they are never as good/effective as you think they are at the time.

Consider earphone volume when watching movies or programmes on your tablet on public transport- That at home sex tape you made together is not really for public consumption!


Send more than two texts without a reply – it looks needy- If he loves you he will reply, just be patient- he has work to do too and your breaks will never be at the same time.

Use your mobile phone or tablet when eating with your man- The one point in the day where you get to sit opposite one another and talk about your day- don’t waste this precious time!

Leave caps lock on when texting or emailing your fella- No man wants to feel like they are being shouted at- it could prompt an argument for no reason other than your laziness.

Check your phone constantly when out with your man. Give them your full attention- If you don’t get a lot of time with your partner outside of work then this can give off the wrong message. 

Use acronyms like LOL, K, G2G- This shows that texting him is an effort, so much so that you have to abbreviate everything just to send him one quickly. Make it sound like you have at least looked up from your computer screen to type it.

Finish a relationship by text. Be brave and do it face to face- Would you want to be dumped this way? Didn’t think so. Give him the same respect.

Overdo it with attention seeking selfies- Your man knows what you look like and the odd sext in your underwear is a libido booster- anything more and they start to think you’re too into yourself.

Use your phone on the toilet- Besides being totally gross, it shows that you have an unhealthy obsession with texting your man, even when you are supposed to be having some ‘alone’ time.