Voucher Codes Pro has found that one in three Brits know their partner's passwords but haven't told them their dirty secret. They have used this access to look on their social media accounts without their loved one's permission.

But why?

But why?

Brits were asked if their partner let them see their social media channels on demand and 51% said that their significant other was happy for them to scroll through their messages and posts. Which begs the question- why do people feel the need to snoop if half allow their partner to look already?

Only 21% said that they had shared their password with their partner, and preferred to let them have access at their own discretion. However 34% revealed they knew their partner's password but their SO had no idea- a worrying amount of secrecy within so called trusting relationships.

So how do these sneaky Brits find out the magic number? A combination of guessing it if they know they use the same password for everything, some watched their partners as they typed it in and 4% asked their loved one's friends to give it up. Some friends they are.

So once they're in- what do these snoopers look for? Messages are their biggest priority, followed by photos, emails, browser history and bank statements- all pretty private stuff but any of which could prove an affair if they were suspicious of their partner's behaviour.

So what impact does this have on the trust in a relationship? Well, most haven't been caught yet so can't comment, however for those who have- they've been put off doing it again. Let's face it- it's enough to break a couple up so it's not surprising that a large chunk opted not to rock the boat again.

But 39% have checked since and learned absolutely nothing from being caught red handed.

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