Today is National Two Different Coloured Shoes Day- something your lover wouldn’t be caught dead in. But it got us thinking about the poor partners who are going out with, engaged and married to someone who is a sucker for shoes and what they have to put up with.

To you- they all look the same

To you- they all look the same

Your shoe obsessed partner never misses a shoe sale- If there is a sale sign in a shoe shop- you cannot possibly pass it- they have to go in and see if they can find a bargain despite having more shoes than they know what to do with back at home.

There are shoes in every wardrobe in your home- Even yours for their overspill. They have a pair for every day of the year. When you look at them together- you can’t help but think that some of them look identical to the untrained eye.

They have their favourites- Despite having so much choice- they tend to wear the same few pairs. There are ones hiding in the bottom of the wardrobe with their labels intact and immaculate soles.

They buy shoes that are not comfortable- But they like the look of them and vow only to wear them where there isn’t a lot of walking to do.  

They can create whole outfits from shoes alone- They buy the shoes first and then find an outfit that matches- rather than the other- more logical way around.

They usually buy the first pair they see- You can shop till you drop but you know that after they’ve looked around for something better- they will always go back to the first shop you visited. They just like to see all their options before making a decision.

They notice other people’s shoes before all else- And if they are dirty, unfashionable or ready to be replaced- it does not go unnoticed by your significant other.

When you go on holiday- They have to pack and unpack several times because they can’t possibly fit all the shoes they want to take in the case. It’s a very stressful moment and you know to leave them alone until they can make a decision on what to take and what to leave behind.

It’s a running joke- When they come through the door with a new pair- your response is always the same when they pop them on and ask you for your opinion. You always say they are lovely, followed by ‘well you don’t have many shoes do you?’

They have hidden new pairs from you in the past- Because they know you will make fun of their purchase. They try and convince you that they haven’t worn them much and that’s why you don’t recognise them when you know for a fact they are new.

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