Seeking Love Online: Online Daters are Getting Younger

Seeking Love Online: Online Daters are Getting Younger

When you heard them someone was looking online for love your first thought was quite a negative one.

Now, this is all changing, with online dating fast becoming part of everyday life for many people both young and old.

With our busy lifestyles taking over, leaving us with little leisure time, online dating is one of the key ways to meet people.

Not only are there many sites including eHarmony and but there are huge numbers of apps that make it super easy to get it contact with someone.

This has made it particularly appealing to the younger generations, especially those in their 20’s.

Dating site found that 25 per cent of its members are 25 or under.

Not only this, but the average age of online daters is falling. In 2010, the average age was at 38 but in 2012 it has dropped to 35 and 2013 is expecting to see a further drop.

Sean Wood, Communications Director at Cupid Plc, says, “The younger internet savvy generation is so comfortable with social media and online social networking it seems natural that they are increasingly getting involved in online dating too.

“Our younger users say they find it really good fun going on dates all the time and meeting lots of new people, for friendships and relationships.

“It’s a lot more convenient to go on a date knowing what you have in common beforehand, particularly as both young and old are living such busy lives it can be difficult to find the time to get to know new people.”

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