Nothing days are essential for all couples. Days where you say ‘no’ to the usual routine and responsibilities and dedicate it to each other. Although the Christmas holidays are behind us, there’s still the opportunity to have a ‘nothing day’ over the weekend, or even book a day off work to do absolutely zilch in each other’s company. We have come up with ten reasons why all couples should try a ‘nothing day’- just once- and if it’s for you- as often as you can.

How will you cope with doing nothing?

How will you cope with doing nothing?

You can have a lie in- If you have nothing planned for the day, you can get up whatever time you like- after morning snuggles and kisses that is!

You can enjoy not having to celebrate, observe or honour anything- There’s always something to hold your attention- a national day, a birthday, an anniversary- on a ‘nothing day you can forget all that and enjoy not having to consider anything else or anyone other than yourself and your significant other.

You can leave ‘adult’ at the door- You can live like you did when you were young, without a care in the world. You don’t have to make the bed, or tidy up after yourselves and pretend just for a day that you don’t have any responsibilities.

You can dress how you like- or not at all- So many couples have to dress to impress at their jobs and you can’t wait to get out of your uniform at the end of the day. When you have a ‘nothing day’ you can rock on up in your scruffs or even be naked and proud-whatever you feel like doing when you rise.

There’s no judgement on a nothing day- As you have both vowed to do nada, there can be no arguments about whose job it was to put the bins out or who left a wet towel on the bathroom floor. Arguments are not permitted because, for a day there are no expectations or designated roles- you can just be.

It will make you think outside the box- There are many times when we think we’re doing nothing but we haven’t quite grasped the concept. This will encourage you to run a bath and lie in it for as long as you like together, or cuddle up and REALLY watch a film rather than checking your bank balance and Facebook while keeping one eye on the screen.

It gives you time to relax- Nothing days ensure that you can replenish your energy levels and get the rest you deserve with each other. So often, at the end of a working day couples don’t have a lot left to give their relationship, so this will give you the desire to invest more in your loved one.

You can set aside jobs- You don’t have to dedicate time to doing the washing, loading the dishwasher, cleaning the house, making a meal- you can set all that aside for another day and enjoy the freedom of having no tasks.

It gives you time to talk- Playing on your phone, your I-pad or your laptop counts as something, so put them down and use the time to have a conversation with your partner about your next house project, your upcoming holiday plans, your to do list for the year, or even your joint bucket list. Just don’t start putting them into action until the day’s over!

You can go to be bed together feeling rejuvenated- Knowing you have given your bodies the chance to wind down will hopefully send you into a peaceful and happy sleep, side by side. 

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