National Goof Off Day is about avoiding work where you can. Sadly, many of us have to work today but there's nothing to say you can't goof off with your loved one once you get home! In other words here are eight ways to be lazy with your partner.

Leave the mundane jobs for tomorrow

Leave the mundane jobs for tomorrow

Grab breakfast at your local café- Rather than making something at home, splash your cash and get your morning meal from somewhere other than your own kitchen. You will have more time for morning snuggles.

Buy your lunch- If you're one of those couples who always makes a packed lunch- give yourselves a day off and go and get something made by someone else for a change.

Grab a coffee on the way home- Instead of making your own brew when you get home, call in at a coffee house and get something special to take away for you and your partner. It will save you the hassle of doing it when you get back, when all you want to do is collapse onto the couch in each other's arms in front of the TV.

Get a take-out- Neither of you need to cook on this day so what's the next best thing? Order in and get it delivered, that way you don't even have to pick it up.

Leave the tidying up till tomorrow- If you usually spend some of your evening loading the dishwasher, putting in some washing, doing a bit of cleaning- leave it till tomorrow. As long as you're not having guests over, no one will know you left your jobs for an extra day.

Watch TV in bed- Save yourself the trip upstairs at the end of the night- get your food in and take it straight up to the bedroom and stay there until morning.

Take a jug up to bed with you- Decide on a drink of choice and fill a jug with your favourite beverage and bring two cups with you. That way you don't have to keep venturing up and down the stairs all night.

Figure out what you're watching during the day- So you don't have to spend the night deciding what to put on the box. Drop each other a text or an email and get that out of the way before you get home. Time is of the essence- this day only comes around once a year.

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