To celebrate National Popcorn Day we take a look at all the benefits of a movie night in the comfort of your own home. 

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

You can block out the world- The cinema, a meal out or a night on the town all involve other people- if you really want some alone time- movie nights are the perfect choice. Lock the doors, turn off your mobiles, take your landline off the hook and you won't be disturbed.

It's cheap- It costs far less than a night at the flicks- all you need is some own brand popcorn and fizzy drink. You can borrow the DVD or get yourself a Netflix of Now TV subscription to bring those costs DOWN.

You don't have to get dressed up- Pyjamas will do- you don't have to spend hours on choosing your outfit or doing your hair and make-up- just your night time attire is fine.

You can have a movie night in bed- And once the credits start to roll, you are in the perfect place for any night time activities that take your fancy!

You can share your passion- If you are both film buffs- it's something to do together to indulge in your joint passion. If not- the connoisseur can introduce their partner to a whole new world of movies.

It's easy- It takes little preparation- all you have to do is get in the supplies and decide on a movie- that's it. No booking, driving or waiting involved.

It's on your time- You don't have to fall in line with when the cinema says the movie is on- you can watch a film as soon as you get in from work or you can wait until the wee hours of the morning- it's entirely up to you!

It can fit in with your home life- If you need to throw in some washing or tidy before you start- you can. The film won't be spoiled by the nag of all the jobs that need doing back at home.

You don't have to deal with disruptive people- The talkers, the sweetie paper rustlers and the coughers can go and ruin someone else's experience.

You can double up- If one simply isn't enough- you can watch another and it won't cost you a penny. Plus you don't have to move!

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