More men are looking to date now England is out

More men are looking to date now England is out

With England now out of the running to win the World Cup, many men have gravitated towards dating sites to mend their broken hearts according to  

Football is not the only sport responsible for this surge of men looking to replace their love of the game with the love of a woman. Wimbledon, the Six Nations and the 2012 Olympics, also caused a rise in new users. We can only take from this that love is a natural healer when our teams fail to impress.  

It is argued that men leave love on the back burner while sporting events are on as they are seen as a time for friends. The feeling of being alone is much more prominent after it’s all over and everyone has gone home.  

Friends can be great company; however they can’t fill the gap of a partner, so an extended dose of time with friends can really emphasize the need for something that’s not platonic.

Women are not oblivious to their partner’s affection levels either, with many seeing a marked increase in sex and general attention after a sporting event has come to a close.

Romain Bertrand, Managing Director at said: “It’s understandable that we might forget about love temporarily while the World Cup is in full flow. But once the excitement is over and thoughts of football fade, it seems men turn their attention back to dating, which is why we’re expecting a very busy period following England’s early exit.”



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