Stoptober, the 28-day quit smoking challenge, which has inspired over one and a half million quit attempts since 2012, is back and starts on 1st October. It is based on research that if you stop smoking for 28 days you are five times more likely to stop for good.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

We know that quitting smoking can be challenging - but a problem shared is a problem halved, so why not team up with your other half or friends and quit together this Stoptober?

Here are some other tips to help you on your way:

Get prepared

Get yourselves prepared for Stoptober by searching ‘Stoptober’ online and looking at the different help and support that is available online.  You can work through a joint plan for how you’re going to tackle the challenge together. For example, if you are planning to quit with the help of an e-cigarette make sure you have stocked up on your chosen type of e-cigarette or nicotine replacement therapy – that way, when you wake up on your first smokefree morning, you’ll be all set to go.  

Find the right method for the two of you

There are loads of ways for people to quit smoking. The wide variety of tools available to help you quit include Local Stop Smoking Services, the Stoptober app, medicines, NRTs, including e-cigarettes. Finding the best option for you both will keep you going when the cravings kick in. Just remember, every one’s journey to quit is different, so don’t worry if you choose different methods.  

The quit list

Sit down together and write out a list of reasons why you both want to quit smoking. For example, think about how much money you’ll save which could be used for trip away, the potential benefits to your health, or perhaps you want to quit for your extended family. The list will not only reinforce your decision to stop smoking for Stoptober, but you’ll also find it a handy tool to refer to on those difficult days when you feel your cravings are close to getting the better of you. You can also use it to remind each other of the reasons you decided to embark on Stoptober.

Remember you’re in it together

Moral support will help you out when you’re craving a cigarette and your will power is waning. Drop each other motivational messages each day and be mindful of each other’s pressure points when you’re most likely to slip up. Knowing you’ve got each other’s backs will spur one another on to complete 28 days smokefree.


Setting a goal at the outset for a joint reward for you both to enjoy, such as a nice meal together at the halfway point or a cinema trip after 28 days will keep both your spirits up and help you to keep going as you remind each other to keep going. This could also be something you use all the money you’ve saved on, like a special day trip.

In the bin!

To help you both stay strong and resist temptation during your days without smoking, throw away any last cigarettes, lighters or anything that reminds you both of being a smoker. This will allow you to make a clean smokefree start with no temptations.

Study buddies

Make time to both learn about the ways you can quit. As well as support from each other, you’ll also be able to reach out to the thousands of others that are going smokefree for 28 days with the Stoptober community. Stoptober emails, Facebook Messenger and the mobile phone app are all filled with tips and encouragement to keep you going. There is also information about the free expert face-to-face support that your local Stop Smoking Service can offer, as well as detail on the different types of stop smoking aids available, including medicines and e-cigarettes.

Take up a form of physical activity

When you stop smoking, you’ll be on the hunt for things to take your mind off cigarettes. Research shows you could be up to twice as likely to stay smokefree for 12 months or more if you combine physical activity with your quit attempt. Moving more eases nicotine withdrawal symptoms when you first quit smoking. It distracts you from thoughts of smoking and can improve your mood. It also helps you cope with stress and feel more energetic and it doesn’t stop there, your muscle tone will improve, you’ll feel a greater sense of accomplishment and your sleep will be improved. You can go for a walk together and slowly build this up to a jog.

Stoptober starts on 1st October. Search ‘Stoptober’ online for all the support you need to quit.

Search 'Stoptober' for all the support you need to quit this October:

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