Dating and relationship expert Rachel Vida MacLynn is a chartered psychologist, associate fellow of the British Psychological Society and founder of the Vida Consultancy

You're single- so what?

You're single- so what?

Rachel sits on the advisory committee of the Matchmaking Institute in New York and her company specialises in finding life partners for clients. Headquartered in London, the company operates in over 15 cities around the world.

Everywhere you turn you see shops adorned with love hearts. Men are seen meandering along the high street clutching jewellery-sized gift bags neatly sealed with pretty ribbons. As the 14th draws closer, are you feeling like you have a huge neon sign over your head saying “Help! I’m single?”

Here are 5 simple tips to help you embrace Valentine’s Day, as a single lady.

Celebrate LOVE. Remember that Valentine’s Day is ultimately about celebrating love. Don’t be put off if you’re single and take the opportunity to spend the day with someone special to you. What better excuse than opting for a night in with your bestie, a bottle of wine and your favourite chick-flick. 

Treat yourself. Treats are not just reserved for a partner to give you as a gift. If you are single, then it is the perfect excuse to demonstrate how much you love yourself by splashing out on a new pair of shoes, a handbag or a spa day.

See beyond the hype of Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day does not make you any more single, and it does not make people who are in relationships any more in love. It’s just a 24 hour celebration, that, let’s face it, is largely promoted by shops and restaurants to boost their sales.

Celebrate your CHOICE to be single. We’re in an age when women are more independent than ever. You don’t need a partner, and yes, whilst you may still want one, you’re in a position where you can turn away advances from men who, quite frankly, don’t make the cut. Remember how incredible you are and that you’re happy to enjoy life as a single lady, until the right match comes along.

Take some proactive steps to help you find your dream man. What is compatibility and who are you compatible with? I’ve been a professional matchmaker for 10 years and I have found most people are unable to answer these questions clearly or accurately. Could this be why you are single…? How can you find the right person if you don’t really know who you should be looking for? Book a session with a dating coach or professional matchmaker who can help you define the biggest life goal of your life. I’m ready to hear from you!