Gossip Girl’s Web of Tangled Romances

Gossip Girl’s Web of Tangled Romances

It was one of the biggest shows on TV and there were numerous romances through the 6 seasons which had us transfixed.

To celebrate the release of the Season 6 DVD we’re taking a look back at the many tangled romances from the show, enjoy!

So, back to series one. Just as Serena and Dan start dating, the unthinkable happens, Serena's mum Lily, and Dan's dad Rufus, rekindle the romance of their youth. Awkward! After family arguments aplenty, Lily and Rufus decided to marry, forcing Dan and Serena to live together in the same house under sibling status. How gross! This pushed their relationship to the test and resulted in them breaking up, well, for a while at least.

Another dark horse in the drama of Gossip Girl is Vanessa. Verging towards the status of a social outcast of the Upper East Side crowd, she saw herself as the good girl who studied and worked hard. Firstly, she fell for the good guy, her best friend Dan, until he ditched her for Serena.

She then, quite how we're still unsure of, fell into the arms of high school hunk Nate Archibald, much to the dismay of both high flying socialites Serena and Blair.

To add to the fiasco, she then spent one steamy night with bad boy Chuck Bass. Not bad for a Brooklyn gal!

Another spell of love was on the cards for Serena's mum Lily, when she moved from Dan's dad, to Chuck's dad, as she fell for the billionaire Bart Bass. Although this was arguably for his money and the security of a lavish lifestyle, Lily and Bart were well suited. Their mean and deceptive streaks resulted in dark secrets, which kept us entertained as each scandal evolved.

Now, let's move on to Blair Waldorf... well, she's been caught up with all of the main boys! Back in season one, her high school sweet heart was the ever popular Nate. But then, a scandalous affair struck - Nate slept with Blair's best friend, Serena. After a little to-ing and fro-ing, they finally split.

With Nate behind her, Blair began to realise that her one true love was in fact Nate's best friend, Chuck. Their relationship was always a little rocky and was bursting with games galore. After Chuck wasn't ready to commit at the end of season three, Blair departed for Paris, and in a whirlwind romance, decided to marry a French Prince instead.

However, this romance went a little pear shaped, when Louis became commanding and not as gentlemanly as first believed. So, who came to Blair's rescue... none other than her best friend Serena's ex, Dan Humphrey. Shortly following this act of heroism, Blair and Dan discovered they surprisingly had a million things in common including art house cinema and classic literature and soon embarked into a romance all of their own. That too, was short lived.

In the finale, after giving each other the space to find their own paths in life, Blair and Chuck finally said I do, and wed to live happily ever after. Hurrah!

Cor blimey, after that web of tangled up naughtiness, let's think about the least tangled of the web. Despite his bad behaviour, numerous paid for pleasures and sex god status, it appears it's Chuck that's remained the least tangled up, as he has never been romantically involved with Serena OR Regina. Surprising huh!

So, who ended up with who? The finale didn't disappoint, and wrapped things up nicely for us, with no loose ends. Here are couple portraits to prove everlasting love....

Wow, what a flurry of frolicking! To relive all the drama and romance, watch Gossip Girl all over again from start to finish, with Gossip Girl: The Complete Series, available to own on DVD now.

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