A new smartphone and tablet app is encouraging more people to complement their written will with heartfelt farewell messages, created through their user-friendly app. Here are ten reasons why you might want to leave one for your lover. 

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Help your loved one in their time of grief – The period during and immediately after losing a loved-one is the most difficult to endure.  Help them through their grief by your loving messages telling them how special they were to you and to keep going, things will get easier over a period of time.

Be remembered as you’d like to be remembered – Sadly when someone falls ill, you lose the person you have always known.  If their video messages are created before they become too-ill, you will always see them at their best – how they would like to be seen.

Receive a never seen before message – All messages (spoken, video, written) are created in your own privacy from your personal smartphone and will only be seen after they are delivered.  Just imagine hearing a new private message with words never before heard.  The written message is a multi-page letter including photo, printed in handwriting font onto quality paper, all contained within a beautiful presentation box to preserve the contents.

Remember someone on a memorable day – Your messages can be set to be delivered on a special date such as a birthday or Christmas – just to let your loved-one’s know that even though you’re no longer here, they haven’t been forgotten.

Sorting out all the accounts and bills is a nightmare – Knowing what bank accounts you have, your current gas, electric and water utility suppliers, (complete with account numbers) your motoring insurances, details of your Life Insurance and Pre-Paid Funeral Plans, (if you have one) pensions and so much more that your relatives will probably not know about, but will need to know.  To pass all this information on will relieve a huge burden from your family particularly at a time when they will already be stressed.  This should all be contained in SwonSong email messages or fill-out the Free Personal Information Forms downloadable PDF document.

Never forget a loved one’s voice or face – As the years roll by, you may forget little features or the tone of someone’s voice.  The video or audio messages you create will be delivered after you’ve gone to ensure you will never be forgotten.  In those quiet moments, you can view the messages again to see and hear them.

Your future generations will know you – Mapping your ancestry is very commonplace now, your grandchildren and their own children will know you through your messages, you will never be forgotten by your future generations.

Leave a final farewell message at your own funeral ceremony – You are able to create a eulogy video or audio message (for the camera shy). This will be replayed at your own funeral ceremony.  The mourners will see and hear you one last time, with slideshow photos and background music, this really will be your final words or your “Swan Song”.

Tell someone exactly how you feel about them – In our busy complicated lives you often never find the right time to tell someone how special they are to you, personalised messages allow you to do exactly that, your words come exactly from the heart with a totally private message from one person to another.

Tell all your friends how special they were to you – You can send the same video or audio message to one or one hundred friends, you will only pay the cost of the one message.  That’s amazing value.

SwonSong Video and Audio messages can all contain a photo-slideshow of your special photos as well as background music throughout your spoken message.  All at no extra cost.  It all adds to a beautifully crafted emotional message.


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