Today is National Handwriting Day- a day to celebrate neat and legible handwriting. Sadly, many partners aren't blessed with a lover who makes their life easy when it comes to communicating messages effectively. Their life is a constant guessing game...

No one could ever duplicate their signature

No one could ever duplicate their signature

Shopping lists are indecipherable- You have to go shopping together- if you don’t, you will miss something off the list simply because you can’t read what they have written. Then they shout at you when you get home because to them it’s obvious what it says and you have to make a second trip.

All of your cards a ruined- Birthday, anniversary and Christmas cards look wonderful on the outside, but when you open them up- the scratchy, scrawl that is their handwriting always looks really naff below the beautiful poem inside.

No one could ever forge their signature- In any instance where they need to sign for something- no one could ever replicate the mess that is their name so in one way you’re thankful.

You insist on writing all the cards you send out- If you don’t the recipient may never know who sent it to them.

Your partner now relies on you to handle all the outgoing handwritten mail- They resisted at first but after comparing your handwriting to theirs, they agreed- it made more sense that you took control of the pen.

You have to fill in ALL forms- You will never be accused of forgetting their birthday, their weight, height or when you got married because you have filled out so many forms on their behalf so whoever is processing it has half a chance of being able to carry out the task.  

The quality of the pen makes no difference whatsoever- You know yourself, if you are given a posh pen to write with, you try your best, you cross your Ts and dot your Is. When you give your partner an expensive writing implement, it doesn’t improve their writing at all. It simply means you can watch them take their time as they etch their ugly symbols onto the page.

You’re thankful for texts and email- You’re grateful that love letters are no longer in vogue or you’d never really know how your partner felt about you. Even emojis make more sense than your lover’s writing.

You’ve pondered whether they’ve actually invented their own language- Sometimes their markings look other worldly and it scares you a little if you think about it too much.  

There have been comments- People have commented on how cute it is that your partner lets your children write their cards for you. You have yet to correct them.  

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