Everyone has a guilty pleasure. For many folks- it’s chocolate, for others it’s watching hours of boxsets and some people enjoy a good book. There are a few women amongst us who are suckers for a little nap and if you’re dating such a woman- you might be able to relate to the following. 

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

You know when she's due for her afternoon slumber- She won't engage you in conversation, she slows down and she begins to look like a rabbit in headlights. At this point you know to find her a bed ASAP.

She enjoys napping with you- But only if you take it seriously. If you use the time to catch up, try to have sex or watch videos on your phone- she will kick you out of the bed area pronto.

She enjoys late night dates- Anything from 7.30pm is cool because this will give her a chance to have an afternoon nap and get ready for your outing.

If you don't let her nap she'll be grumpy- All day long- so you know it's in your best interest to let her take the time to sleep or you'll have a really bad day together.

You know not to wake her from a nap- You've learned to let her come around naturally after she made your life miserable the day you decided to poke her out of dreamland. Never again.

She naps during movie night- You get the snacks, the drinks, the blankets, choose a film and you know after she's stuffed her face that she'll fall asleep and then ask you to tell her what's happened.

If she doesn't text you for a while- You can rest assured she isn't dead or in trouble but just napping.

She won't talk to you when she wakes up- You have to give her a little window while she gets her bearings and figures out what time and day it is. She needs a minute to realise that her dreams were fiction and being awake sucks.

Snacks help- If she wakes up on the wrong side of the bed- having a cup of tea or something sweet will do you no harm at all.

You never know how long her nap will be- She can do anything from a 20 minute power nap to an indulgent 4 hour snooze so you stopped making concrete plans a while ago and just go with the flow. It gives you both some well needed 'me time' if nothing else.

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