New Covent Garden Soup has found the most beloved childhood memories of Brits. Therefore, we have used them to come up with some inspiration for things you can do with your partner now you're all grown up!

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Family holidays- If you haven't been away with your folks for a while- give them a call and suggest it. They might be up for it- just as your partner's parents might be too. Even if it's just a weekend- it's an excuse to all get together for some well needed family time.

Collecting shells on the beach-Why not take a trip to your nearest beach and walk hand in hand while looking for shells? If you find them you can always put them in your memory box. While you're at it, you could take your shoes off and walk barefoot by the sea or go and explore the rock pools.

Sports days- There's nothing stopping you investing in a game to play in your back garden or in the local park together- swing ball or a Frisbee perhaps?

Watching children's TV- If you search hard enough- I'm sure you'll find your favourite TV show online from when you were young. You could order a copy and watch it together with some snacks and forget about being adults for a while.

Fish and chips- This is an easy fix- find a place by the sea- go there and search for the best fish and chip shop in town-even if it means asking around or looking for the best reviews online. And the rule is- you have to eat them outside.

Pic n mix sweets- You can get these in pretty much every major supermarket or cinema- so while you're doing your weekly shop or when you go and see a film- isn't it about time you get your hands on some scoops and dig in!

School dinners- You might feel inclined to make a list of the food you used to eat at lunchtime in school and prepare your very own school dinner buffet for your evening meal.

Collecting toys/ cards/ collectibles etc.- Find something you can collect as a couple- ornaments, records, DVDs or CDs and kick start your search.

Ice creams from the ice cream van- When you hear that sound outside- don't ignore it- go out and find your favourite ice cream from your younger years and enjoy them together.

Reading magazines- Take a trip to your local newsagents and buy a stack of magazines each, then set up two loungers in your back garden and enjoy the summer sunshine while catching up on all your favourite people and topics.

School tuck shop- You may not be able to buy your sweets from school anymore- but why not go to the shop around the corner and stock up on all those sweets you used to crave as kids? If your partner has never tasted something you always picked- you are providing a service by introducing their taste buds to new flavours.

Playing in the paddling pool- You might be too big for a paddling pool- but you can always go bigger and get an adult version or even a hot tub!

Ice cream floats- Super easy to make- just ensure you put some ice cream and fizzy pop in your trolley next time you go shopping and bring them out on a glorious day in the sun.

Sleepovers with friends- If you're bored of your bed at home- why not sleep in the spare room or even camp downstairs for a night? You can watch TV and make snacks- you can even have a pillow fights if you fancy.

School packed lunches- If your packed lunches for work are getting a little boring- why not invest in something new and exciting next time you stock up? Sandwich ham shaped like a bear? Or make cookies in exciting shapes?

Going camping- Thankfully- camping is still appropriate for both young and old- do your research- find a spot close to where you used to camp or even the same site and make new memories in a tent.

Playing car games on long journeys- We all get bored so these aren't exclusively for children- no one will ever know if you have a sneaky game of eye spy on your next journey together.

Singing in the back of the car- Invest in some CDs- pop them on and take a road trip somewhere far enough away to listen to a whole album of tunes.

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