A full face of make-up?

A full face of make-up?

We look into the little ways to give ourselves that well needed boost. 

A compliment from a partner, friend or stranger- We don’t get them all that often so it’s a real treat when someone offers one!


Having perfectly styled hair / a new cut and colour- This really puts a kick in your step- the only thing that brings you down is not being able to recreate it at home!

Looking good in a photograph- There is always an apprehension that you will be able to see that awful spot, or your double chin will appear, or your arm will look fat from the side- when one turns out well we are generally surprised!

Having silky smooth legs / being hair free- That freshly shaved or waxed feeling makes you feel feminine again and you smother your legs in lotion to make the most of them!

Waking from a good night’s sleep- Feeling like you don’t have to drag yourself to the shower on a  morning or put the window down in the car to stop yourself falling back to sleep is a wonderful thing!

Having a cuddle- All bad days can be melted away with one single hug!

Being told “I love you”- It makes you feel wanted and appreciated and what is a better feeling than that?

Returning from a holiday and feeling great- You are rejuvenated tanned and relaxed- just what you needed!

A smile from a stranger- Most people are too wrapped up in their own world as they go about their business, but when someone takes the time out to look up and offer a smile, it instils faith in your that that world is not so bad!

New underwear- Goodbye old, grey, granny pants- hello new lacy numbers- they make you feel sexy!

You get told you look young- Just like yourself you never want this one to get old!

You are immaculately dressed- You spent ages picking it out, pressing it, coming up with the right accessories and you can stop traffic with it once it’s on!

You get asked where you bought something- This makes you feel like a trend setter- that people care about what you have on your back.

A child says you are pretty- They are honest little creatures, so they must be telling the truth! I’ll take it!

Waking up spot free- They arrive overnight and only when we have got out of the shower and applying makeup with minutes to spare do we realise that one has reared its ugly head. We don’t have time to cover up and all day you talk with your hand over your mouth! No spot- no stress!

Wearing an outfit which shows the favourite part of your body- If it's your legs, boobs or arms- dressing right for your body shape and accentuating those best bits is the biggest confidence booster of all.

Getting your eyebrows plucked- The only way to make you feel human again!

Being asked out on a date- Even if you are attached it’s a lovely feeling that you are still attractive to the opposite sex!

Fresh manicure- You spend the rest of your day, gesturing wildly and touching your face so that people will see your new nails.

A full face of make-up- It makes your feel like you can achieve anything!


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