Women's White Lies Revealed

Women's White Lies Revealed

It’s always a difficult decision, do you tell the truth and potentially cause upset or tell a little white lie to keep them happy?

Well it seems that most women would rather tell their partner a little white lie to keep the peace in their relationship.

Panadol Period Pain conducted a survey to discover which white lie topped a woman’s list and the number one spot went to telling your partner you’ll be ‘ready in 5 minutes’.

Now every woman, and every man for that matter, knows that when a woman says she is going to be 5 minutes, it really means she’s going to be about an hour but it seems that it doesn’t stop us from telling the lie anyway with 40 per cent of the vote putting it top.

A further 23 per cent of women have even lied that they were on their period in order to get out of having sex with their other half!

The survey was commissioned to mark the launch of new Panadol Period Pain tablets this week – a fast-acting tablet which provides effective relief from period pains and cramps, while being gentle on the stomach.

Renata Amaral, Panadol Senior Brand Manager, said, “While that time of the month can be a real pain, we were surprised at just how many wily women are using it to their advantage. It seems it’s an ideal get-out clause for things we don’t want to do.”

This isn’t the only lie us women tell to our partner’s though, 21 per cent of us admitted telling our partner that we enjoyed the meal they cooked even though we found it nearly unbearable to stomach.

We also have a habit of paying our partner a compliment and not meaning it, as well as telling them they’ve definitely not put weight on even though they have.

When it came to talking about how many sexual partner’s we’d had, 12 per cent of us lied to keep our partner happy and 11 per cent of us have used the line ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ when breaking up with someone.

Incredibly, over three quarters of women say they don’t feel guilty about telling fibs with 40 per cent of them saying they’ve even used modern technology to their advantage when fibbing.

The top 10 fibs women tell are:

1. That we’d be ready in five minutes (40%)

2. That our friend’s baby was cute (when we didn’t think it was) (32%)

3. Our weight (28%)

4. Pretended to be on our period to get out of sports or sex (23%)

5. That we enjoyed a meal cooked by a partner (21%)

6. That we’ve complimented a partner when we didn’t really mean it (18%)

7. Embellished what we do for a living (basically making our job sound more exciting) (13%)

8. That our partner hadn’t put on weight (when they had…) (12%)

9. How many previous partners we’ve had (12%)

10. That ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ (when breaking up) (11%)

What’s your favourite white lie to tell? Do you think white lies are okay or honesty is the best policy? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting us @FemaleFirst_UK


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