The Claims Will Have Some Women Running For Cover!

The Claims Will Have Some Women Running For Cover!

Of course, it’s a male that has come up with this theory, but Gordon Gallup, psychologist at the University at Albany-SUNY, believes that digesting semen will stop a pregnant woman from suffering morning sickness.

His theory is that semen entering the body is what causes women to suffer morning sickness in the first place, so instead of abstaining from sex, they should cater to their partner’s needs to build up a tolerance to the foreign body, meaning that morning sickness will no longer affect them.

His claims come after the National Center for Biotechnology Information released findings in 2000 that showed a connection between oral sex and a diminishing occurrence of preeclampsia, a condition among pregnant women that sparks high blood pressure and protein to the urine.

This recent news is, no doubt, welcomed by expecting father but it’s no surprise that expecting mothers aren’t too thrilled with the headlines.

Sea-Band Mama! conducted a survey and found that nearly a quarter of women who suffer from morning sickness say the vomiting occurs when digesting anything, so it’s likely that they will want to try other methods of reducing morning sickness.

There is no direct evidence to say what causes morning sickness, although there are many theories surrounding it.

Dr. Roger Gadsby, founder of Pregnancy Sickness Support and lead researcher on the condition, states that, “even the strongest theory concerning the causes of Pregnancy nausea – a reaction to hormones produced by the placenta – still lacks concrete scientific evidence”.

As well as Gordon Gallup’s suggestion, Sea-Band Mama! also have an aid that comes in the form of a wrist band.

The wrist band applies pressure to the Pericardium-6 points on each inner wrist, which blocks feelings of pain, anxiety and nausea.

If you’re not 100 per cent keen on Gordon’s method, then you can get your Sea-Band Mama! wrist bands at

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Cara Mason