Hay Fever Sufferers Get Less Sex

Hay Fever Sufferers Get Less Sex

Watery eyes, sneezing fits and a running nose; hay fever isn’t pretty and a new survey has revealed that Brits are getting less sex during the hay fever season.

Kleenex conducted a survey and found that 62 per cent of us would be put off from having sex, or kissing, someone with hay fever symptoms.

This means that suffers are only suffering from hay fever, they’re now suffering from lack of action in the bedroom, and their partners are being made to suffer along with them!

Twenty four per cent of non-sufferers said they find it unpleasant to even be around hay fever sufferers, with 22 per cent saying they wouldn’t sleep with them and a massive 40 per cent refusing to kiss their partner if they had the hay fever symptoms.

Sufferers can prefer not to have sex when they’re baring the symptoms, with 20 per cent of them saying that they have less sex when suffering from hay fever.

Men suffer more from lack of sex during hay fever season; with 24 per cent of them admit to getting less sex.

Hay fever can bring an onslaught of problems, not only do the symptoms last up to three weeks, but they can make sufferers feel down in the dumps.

Fifty four per cent of sufferers say that they feel less attractive when suffering through hay fever, and 34 per cent are embarrassed about what people will think of them when their symptoms are on full show.

A massive 87 per cent of people feel that they cannot work to their full capacity in the work place when suffering the symptoms and 35 per cent said they are made to feel like they’re fishing for sympathy or over dramatizing their symptoms.

Kleenex hay fever consultant Professor Jean Emberlin, Director of PollenUK Information Ltd, says, “Although the rain over the last few weeks has kept pollen at bay, it has created very good conditions for the grass to grow. Now that the weather is warming up and pollen counts are rising, unfortunately sufferers may find their symptoms worse than normal.

“It’s sad that hay fever can affect people in so many ways. My advice is to try to manage the symptoms so that they affect your life as little as possible: check the pollen count, avoid going outside when it is at its highest and always carry tissues, a bottle of water and medication so that you can treat the symptoms as soon as they start.”

For more information about how you can curb your hay fever symptoms, visit facebook.com/KleenexUK.


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