Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz: Cutest Couple of the Year

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz: Cutest Couple of the Year

This super cute couple have been friends for years but made their relationship official after working together on The Dream House in 2010.

The couple played on screen man and wife and their romance blossomed beautifully from there.

So much so, that they married in secret earlier this year and have stood by each other ever since!

The made reason behind them winning Cutest Couple of the Year was down to a glorious moment at the Sky fall premiere in October.

James Bond himself had come down with a bit of a cold, yet his braved the cold English weather to launch one of the biggest films of the year.

His beautiful wife was by his side and on hand to dab the sweat from his brow and comfort him throughout the premiere - awwww!

The gesture made international news and filled offices, including ours, with coo's for days afterwards and that is why this beautiful couple have been given this title!

We can't wait to see what their future holds and hopefully they'll make the shortlist again next year!

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Cara Mason @cara_mason