Coco der Mer Launch Lessons In Love Salons

Coco der Mer Launch Lessons In Love Salons

The luxury company launched in 2001 with the aim to promote sexual wellbeing and now they are ready to launch their new season salons.

The salons, which start today, are designed to help everyone learn about different aspects of sexual pleasure.

Coco de Mer provides a safe, friendly and relaxed environment to learn. The diverse range of Salon teachers are all experts in their fields and offer valuable knowledge, inspiration and practical advice.

The new Salon season brings with it a seriously hot new schedule, a host of familiar and new faces including the ever-popular Midori and our very own Allison England.

The season kicks off with author, journalist and broadcaster, Nichi Hodgson. Nichi will host a ‘domestic sex goddess’ session, and will demonstrate that ‘in your armoire lies your armoury’.

She will be discussing how we can use everyday feminine accoutrements to create sensual scenarios of feminine domination and introduce BDSM and fetish play into our relationships.

Human sexuality writer, speaker and sex educator, Midori, who is based in San Francisco is flying to the UK especially to host the next instalment of salons.

A Coco de Mer favourite, her specialties include in-depth knowledge of general sexuality as well as alternative sexual practices. She is the VIP of grown up tutorials and a joy to learn from listen to, and admire.

The Salon schedule is as follows:


2nd - Domination for Beginners with Nichi Hodgson

7th - An Introduction to Sensual Massage with Colin Richards

9th - Sensual Spanking with Allison England

14th - Mistress in the Bedroom with Mistress Absolute

16th - Giving the Perfect Blowjob: An Oral Sex Masterclass with Master Dominic

19th - Tricks To Thrill A Man with Midori

20th - Bedroom Pleasure Toys: Tips and Tricks with Midori

21st - Fifty Shades of Pleasure Revealed with Midori

23rd - Pink Japan: Contemporary Sex Culture with Midori

26th - Introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage with Midori

27th - Erotic Roleplay Games for Couples with Midori

28th - Tricks To Thrill A Man with Midori


3rd - Backdoor Antics: Practicals of Anal Sex with Midori

4th - Fifty Shades of Pleasure Revealed with Midori

7th - Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot with Deborah Sundahl

If you’d like to take part in these Salons at Coco de Mer, they will take place from 19:00-21:00 and cost around £75 per person. Unless otherwise stated all Salons are open to couples, singles and friends alike.

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