Despite nearly two thirds of us Brits believing that the plotlines in rom-coms are highly unrealistic, that isn’t stopping us from wanting them to happen to us.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

A massive 84 per cent of us are hoping for a rom-com style romance, like those that can be seen in films such as Love Actually and Bridget Jones’ Diary.

Luckily, out of all those asked, 100 per cent said that they had experienced a rom-com style romantic moment at some point in their lives.

Rather like in Bridget Jones’ Diary, 51 per cent of us said we had fallen in love with someone unexpected.

One of the best rom-com couples were Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon’s characters in Love Actually and it seems the British public are trying to recreate it.

Nearly of quarter of us have fallen for someone who is of different social, economic, religious or cultural background, just like David and Natalie in Love Actually.

One in ten of us admitted that we have told a fib about ourselves on a first date, rather like Hugh Grant’s character Will to Rachel Weisz’s character Rachel in About A Boy.

Over 1000 Brits were quizzed by Zoosk and as well as showing that we love a good old rom-com, it also showed we love a British gent!

Hugh Grant was the most loved gent with 34 per cent of us saying we loved his characters the most.

Fellow Brits Colin Firth and Jude Law came in second and third place, showing that when it comes to romance the British Gentleman wins out.

Jane Barrett, Zoosk’s Director of Communications said, “Everyone’s romantic journeys are no doubt unique, with the big ups and inevitable downs.

“The trick is to learn how to cope with these romantic moments in real life as we have all experienced those Hugh Grant ‘woopsie daisy’ moments.

“Thinking your next partner could be a famous movie star doesn’t need to be a distant dream; it can happen to any of us.”

Interested to find out what Brits want in terms of rom-com moments, they asked the respondents to name their favourite rom-com moments from films and here is the top 10 –

1. The Prime Minister knocking on every door to find Natalie (Love Actually) = 18%

2. Will preparing breakfast in bed for Anna (Notting Hill) = 12%

3. Sam rushing to the airport for Joanna (Love Actually) = 11%

4. Amanda rushing back to Graham to spend Christmas with him (The Holiday) = 10.6%

5. Jamie learning Portuguese to woo Aurelia (Love Actually) = 10.1%

6. Mark confessing his love with large cue cards (Love Actually) = 8%

7. Mark buying Bridget a new diary to make a fresh start (Bridget Jones’s Diary) = 7%

8. Shakespeare writing the character of Juliet to act with her (Shakespeare in Love) = 6.5%

9. Miles creating a song for Iris (The Holiday) and Claire giving Bender her earring after their kiss (The Breakfast Club) = 4%

10. Anna buying Will an original painting (Notting Hill) = 3%