It’s International Women’s Day and Elite Singles have found out what successful women want from their love lives.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Not to be disadvantaged in love:

38% of women believe that being career focused actually puts men off because there is a perceived competition for status and income in the relationship as well as a constant battle as to who can get to the top first.

Amy explains, ‘Men who think they earn less than me or live in a ‘worse’ area tend to shy away’. 

Clara from New Zealand said ‘I’ve tried dating less successful partners and paid for everything… but in the end both of us became resentful’.

‘Men become threatened if you earn more than them and it becomes a competition who can climb the corporate ladder first’.

Despite being successful themselves most women didn’t look for career ambition as being the most important factor in a potential partner, with only 4% stating this would be a problem.

Rebecca said, ‘Not every woman wants a superman, nor needs them.’

Not to settle:

Despite not looking for their equal in the sense of their professional position, these women are not prepared to date just anyone. When the singletons were asked why they were on their own right now, most of them made reference to their independence and their personal standards when it came to dating.

Betina, from Ireland, said ‘I am confident on my own so I’m only interested in something if it’s right.’

16% were brutally honest and admitted that they were too picky, which they felt was a valid reason to have not found Mr right yet.


Although women are becoming more independent and can open doors for themselves or pay for their own meals out- that doesn’t mean that these gestures should be ignored. Not one woman from Elite Singles expressed a dislike for chivalrous actions, demonstrating that they are not outdated and should still be applied by men.

Sydney resident Susan explained ‘I’m too picky and it gets worse as I get older – but I’m not prepared to settle for less than I want and deserve.’ 

58% openly admitted that having their luggage carried for them was ‘extremely attractive.’

Janie explains, ‘It's nice of them to offer… that doesn’t translate to assumptions that I'm in any way weaker or incapable.’

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