One in five women think their man is high maintenance- if you're part of this group- here is your evidence...

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

He has a strop/fit when he doesn’t get his own way- It’s childish and you don’t expect it from a grown man. 

He wants a reply to a text message/email straight away- Even if you are in the middle of something important. 

He needs to be told ‘I love you’ several times a day- And your relationship feels like role reversal. 

He's always late- Because he has been faffing with his hair or deciding what to wear.

He spends longer in the bathroom than you do- What does he need to do other than shower and shave his face? Really?!

He spends a lot of time on his looks/appearance- He has more clothes and products than you can shake stick at. 

He won’t wear anything that isn’t branded or designer- So when his Birthday and Christmas comes around you're always skint after buying his gift. 

He demands to have his calls answered within a certain number of rings- Or he starts to ask you what you’re doing or where you are- often it's down to a little thing called WORK. 

He is always worrying about how he looks- To the point where he can't walk past a window without checking himself out. 

He refuses to go camping- And you feel sad that you will never get to experience the joy of sex in a tent. 

He refuses to use public transport- For 'it is always crammed and smelly' so that rules out bus tours when you go on holiday. 

He won’t step outside the house without his hair styled- So you're the one who is left downstairs killing time before an outing. 

He needs a certain number of kisses on the end of a text or email- Or he thinks something is wrong with your relationship. 

He refuses to walk anywhere- What if he steps in dog dirt, or damages his new shoes? The potential drama means you can never enjoy a romantic stroll together. 

He needs your home to be spotless- Your drinks are emptied in the sink before you have finished them and your just opened post has been filed away before you have had a chance to see how much debt you are in on your credit card (maybe that’s not so bad!).

He is constantly looking at himself in a mirror- You wonder if he loves himself more than you. 

He will only eat out at ‘nice’ restaurants- Gone are the days of slumming it with a packet of chips or a maccys- there is no amount of sad faces that can convey how down you feel about this.

He's not into to get dirty- So no holidays in the countryside or any alfresco bonking then.

He will only stay in 4 or 5* hotels- So a surprise weekend away bankrupts you until next pay day or at the very least- empties your savings all because he wants a heated towel rail and an espresso machine.

He's not likely to get sweaty- So your sex life is never very adventurous. 

He will only drink bottled water- But you've tricked him a couple of times to see if he can tell the difference- he can't. 

He changes outfits several times a day- For who? You? You go from work clothes to pjs- so you're really not bothered.

He needs to have a present bought for him at least once a week- Or you are the worst girlfriend in the world. What happened to sex being a good enough gift?

He constantly pouts- You start to think his face won’t ever go back to normal.

He will only drink fine wine- So a cheap and cheerful night out on the lash turns into the equivalent of a pretentious wine club. Members- 2- you and your partner- because none of your friends can afford it. Scratch that- neither can you!