Loyalty is defined as ‘being faithful to commitments and obligations’- so we find out what this means for your relationship with 10 ways you can fulfil this with your significant other.

What does loyalty look like in a relationship?

What does loyalty look like in a relationship?

Faithful- Above all- loyalty is about being faithful to your partner- in other words not being intimate- physically or emotionally- with anyone other than them. Once they know that you only share these aspects of yourself with them- you have a strong foundation.

Passion- Your faithfulness can be further reaffirmed by the passion in your relationship. If you consistently show your partner that you are attracted to them and you are satisfied with your physical relationship they will have on reason to worry about loyalty.

Communication- Loyalty naturally arises from being able to talk to your partner openly about things. Whether this is negative or positive, it’s essential that you are able to express your feelings and let them do the same by always having open lines of communication.

Treat your partner as you would like to be treated- It’s important that you give your partner the same care and attention as you do yourself. Speak to them in the same way you wish to be spoken to and behave in a way that you find acceptable from others.

Be realistic- Yes, you need to be keep your commitments and obligations to one another- but it’s important to know which of these are achievable and you are both willing to keep. If you have differing viewpoints- loyalty will never be possible. Decide on these early on in your relationship so you are both on the same page.

Commitment- On the things you do agree on- keep your promises to one another. If you say you will something- do it and your partner will know that they can always rely on you because you stay true to your word where they are concerned.

Honesty- Always be honest with your lover- lies, even white ones, can cause a lack of trust when the truth comes out- which it inevitably does.

Get to know your partner- Loyalty is about familiarity and predictability through knowing what your partner likes and dislikes. If you know your partner well- loyalty is a given because you can express your devotion to them by showing them you’ve paid attention.

Support- You have a duty to support your partner just as they do you. So, if they need to talk about their day at work, or express concerns about family, money, or health- whatever it might be- be their sounding board. Most importantly- show them that you have listened by asking questions and offering your input if they request it.

Confidentiality- If they ask you to keep something to yourself- that is where is should stay. If you can’t keep a secret- the loyalty is instantly lost because it feels like they are sharing you and your life together with other people.

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