Today is National Do A Grouch A Favour Day, so we take a look at the ten occasions when it's acceptable to be a grouch with your man.

Ever felt like this?

Ever felt like this?

When you're on your period- During this time- men have come to accept that you won't be the best version of yourself and will demand late night trips to get chocolate- it's a given.

When you don't get your own way- No one likes to be told 'no', so when it happens, floorboards may be trodden on heavily and items around the house will be handled with a lot more force - just saying.

When he goes out with his friends instead of you- You know that he needs his space and guy time, but still, you resent that he may be having more fun with them than he does you. You hope he doesn't expect a lift back because there isn't one on offer.

When he doesn't do what you've asked- Whether it's laundry, cleaning, emptying the dishwasher, ironing- if you come home and the house looks exactly as you left it- you feel like turning green and trashing the things he most loves like the TV or the X-Box.

When he's in a mood- Instead of rising above it- you allow his deflated mood to drag you down too. It's a grouch stalemate and no couple ever wins at this.

When you've had a bad day at work- His day- good or bad- fades into insignificence because he's expected to listen to every minute detail of what went wrong in the office and then make you dinner.

When you're feeling down- Nothing bad has happened- no one has said anything out of turn- but all you want to do is stay in bed and eat candy. He knows to keep you stocked with sweet things and leave you well alone.

When he refuses to do something for you- Like scratch your feet, take you out or buy you a McDonalds- just when you thought you had him wrapped around your finger- he puts you in your place.

When he says something out of turn- Instead of addressing the comment there and then- you opt for the silent treatment. He then has to replay all of your dialogue during the day to guess which utterance was so offensive to you.

When he accepts social invitations on your behalf- You have no time to get ready and nothing to wear- or worse- you do and you simply hate the people he's arranged to go out with.

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