Written by Selina and Vicki at Project Love

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Is your partner on board? From changing your relationship status on Facebook, to ‘in a relationship’, to sharing pictures of your engagement, make sure the decision to share your relationship (and all of it’s wonderful milestones) online is a joint one.

What is your intention behind posting? Check-in on your intention for posting and make sure it’s healthy and from a place of love and authenticity. Ask yourself before you hit the post button, is it to gain likes or make an ex jealous or is it a genuine intention to celebrate your love?

Do you find yourself reaching for the selfie button when a special moment happens or taking pictures while dining on a date? If social sharing is taking you away from spending quality time with your partner and you find that you’re constantly on your phone, then take some time to address the balance of sharing and caring.

Establish some boundaries around social media. Decide between you, what is cool and what is not cool to share on social. There are some things that are gorgeous to share and celebrate with your loved ones and, well, other things that are supposed to remain sacred and private and just for the two of you.

Treat your partner with love and respect, both offline and online! Trust and respect between couples are great foundations for a happy and healthy relationship and so respect your partner’s trust and be careful of not sharing moments that are not yours to share – we all still remember that time Katy Perry was less than pleased when her then husband Russell Brand tweeted ‘that’ unflattering picture of her to millions of followers.

Meet up with your best friends rather than subtle digs on social media about ‘you know who’ are not the healthiest way to react to the latest family feud. If you’re having a moment and of course you’re only human, then have a cuppa or a wine with your friends in person, offline and always in private.

Keep your relationship precious. Same goes for your partner - having a bad day, posting cryptic digs and quotes about the failure of relationships is giving your many followers license to comment on your precious and personal relationship

Compliment your partner in person, not just on social media. Going on a date or seeing their favourite band is a sexier (and more fun!) way to show your partner that you value and care for them... so much more than a hashtag.

Relax and enjoy your relationship with all of its imperfections. It is hard to live up to the perfect lifestyle image, as Anna Faris and Chris Pratt found out. Are you only posting about your ‘showreel’ perfect relationship and feeling the pressure to leave out the behind-the-scenes and painting an unrealistic picture of your relationship? Relax and enjoy your relationship, capture those moments if you chose to and remember that life isn’t perfect and it is way more fun that way.

Keep things sacred. It’s fantastic that you have found someone that makes you happy and everyone is delighted for you however take a moment to step back and look at that ‘showreel’ again. Semi naked pictures from the bedroom, the details of your Friday night shenanigans and sloppy close-up kisses are best left in the blissful privacy of your life and not on your friends feed.    

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