Traveling with a significant other is the ultimate compatibility test for new couples and is, generally speaking, a great way to learn more about your partner’s personality, strengths, and challenges. With glamping, whether in the middle of the mountains or tucked away in the woods, you’ll get the perfect opportunity to spend real one-on-one time with one another, away from the interruptions of your normal day-to-day lives.

Bond over new experiences...

Bond over new experiences...

While you will likely still have a Wi-Fi connection, we recommend you set any and all technology down, backing away from your smart phones and into each other’s arms. Still need convincing? We’ve got it covered—read on to find out our top 10 reasons why you should go glamping with your lover, all of which are sure to have you booking a romantic holiday for two ASAP.

Get distraction-free quality time—away from work, side projects, the gym, friendships, and anything else that normally takes your time from one another.

Mutually disconnect from technology—yes, even if there is Wi-Fi. Glamping makes it easy to isolate yourself from your inbox and social media. We suggest setting boundaries in order to maximize your time in the great outdoors, such as a half hour of phone use in the morning and evening at a set time.

Do activities you both love in a new setting—because there is truly nothing better than sharing activities, hobbies, and interests with your significant other, particularly when in an exciting new place.

Bond over new experiences—allowing you to create brand new memories together that only you two share.

Discover and learn about one another—finding out new personality traits, as well as each other’s strengths and challenges. Being in nature brings out different sides of a person from when they’re going about their daily life in the middle of a metropolis.

Practice teamwork and compromising—which, trust us, will benefit the relationship once back home, too. Once you see how far you can go working together to make your holiday a success, you’ll both see how rewarding it is to put in the effort to continue to do so.

Love one another in your most natural state. While glamping is leaps and bounds beyond your average camping trip, being in the middle of nature allows you to embrace yourself at your most natural—and your partner, too.

Engage in PDA without limits. Interpret this one as you will, but for both pro- and anti-PDA couples, staying in the middle of nowhere with few to no neighbors will, at least, provide the opportunity to freely express affection for one another without worrying about prying eyes.

Enjoy the simple things together. Five-star amenities will certainly help you feel at home while glamping in nature, but you must make sure you’re taking time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures: reading books side-by-side, playing a game of cards, or simply silently snuggling up around a roaring fire.

Allow yourself to relax and let go with one another—the ultimate end goal.

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