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There's a boy at school that I think is really attractive and all our mutual friends know. We're both nearly 17 and I don't know him very well. All of our friends keep teasing me, which is ok because i can see the funny side, but quite embarrassing when he's sitting near me and they keep mentioning how I think he's hot. He also didn't say anything when they kept saying that I think he's hot (loudly) and they kept on saying great things about him and suggesting that we should spend more time together in a sexually suggestive way, which leads me to believe he doesn't feel the same way about me. Some of my friends say he's just shy and probably finds me attractive too (because according to my male friends I am attractive). What should I do about my friends and about this crush?

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The only way you will find out is to ask him out for a date. Hearsay from your friends is clearly confusing things and making you both uncomfortable- if you were on your own you could relax and be more honest with each other. Why not ask him out as mates to get dinner or the cinema, if you feel too shy to ask him out romantically yet.


However if he is shy and he likes you, he might never ask you out so you might need to be the forward one. If it goes well great- if not then at least your friends will stop teasing and you will be able to move on. All of his mates clearly find you attractive so you have other options! 

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