Sophie asks :

Recently me and my boy best friend fell out, but it was quite a big argument which lasted a couple of days, it also involved more people. The thing is, I've made up with the other people involved, but me and him are just ignoring each other at the moment. It's really awkward between us because he's in some of my lessons and we see each other round schools quite often. I don't know whether to carry on ignoring him or to just give in and speak to him. I'm worried for his reaction. Please help! Thank you

Yin replies

Ignoring the problem and him will not fix this situation. It is probably made worse by the fact that you have made up with everyone else and not him.

Yang replies

Try talking to him again and you can either agree to disagree and break things off or you can clear the air and get things back on track with your relationship. Either way you will not be left guessing what his reaction might be. Be prepared for a negative one if he is still mad, but at least you are being the more mature of the two and attempting to make amends! 

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