Lily Jacobs asks :

Hi Yin and Yang Ive got a problem, Theres a boy at school who really likes me and im not so keen on him, He is really nice and stuff but i kind of like another boy who secetly has a crush on me and this first boy knows about this crush because both of them are friends. Idont want to point it out or make it obvious i want to be just friend but without pointing it out how else shall i tell him, I dont want to be straight up, just want to give hints, What shall I do?

Yin replies

If he already knows that his friend has a crush on you and you have been giving signs back to indicate that you like him too, he has probably already got the message. Attraction can’t be forced so if you do start going out with his friend then don’t rub it in his face, by being overly affectionate with the guy.


Yang replies

Perhaps keep reinforcing the point that you like him as a friend and get it into the conversation when the opportunity presents itself. Coming out with a monologue of why you are rejecting him with bash his confidence and may mean the friendship is over, so do it tactfully and make sure you focus on the fact that you still want him in your life. 

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