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In my year at school I'm the only English girl. The rest of my year speak Thai. I have literally no friends. I have a couple but they are so annoying it's unbearable! What should I do? Don't tell me to make friends, there are no to make! If you can answer then thank you!

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Hi Lilah,


Why are your existing friends annoying? Why not give them a second chance? It sounds like you are still finding your feet, so maybe it’s better to have someone than no-one while you settle in. Do they have others friends that you could maybe extend your social circle to?


Do you have friends from before you started the school you could talk to over Facebook, email or phone? Ones that you click with and are not so annoyed by? If you could keep in touch with them, perhaps when you are feeling like no-one is on your wavelength you can touch base and bond over your common ground. This might help you feel more positive while you are making more friends. 


Perhaps ask around and see if there are any social groups local to you that have English speaking people who are going through the same as you? That way it gives you somewhere to go after school too if you are looking for after school acitivties to get involved in. Why not find an activity or hobby group that you could apply for? At least you will be safe in the knowledge that you have in common with the other students.


Have you spoken to your teachers? Perhaps they could advise you. There may be a school run group for English speaking students. You may find yourself with people of different ages, in different classes but it could be worth looking into.  

Lucy x


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