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I am looking for some advice please. I am a single guy, nearly 35. I don't have many friends anymore and looking to increase my social circle. Do you have any advice for me please?

Psychotherapist Noel McDermott comments:

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

“Great question and a sensible idea as a lot of guys lose their social network over time due to people moving on getting married for example. 

The best way to make friends is through shared interests so start with that. What things did you enjoy before that you have let go of? Maybe you used to hike a lot and now don’t? Why don’t you reinvest in those interests by joining a walking group and meeting people through that, or another type of interest group. 

The second activity based approach is to move you out of your comfort zone. Ask five folk who know you to suggest five new activities for you to try, this will give you up to 25 new activities to try out. 

A lot of ‘dating’ apps offer a friendship function and this is also a good route to check out. 

Don’t assume your old network don’t want to see you. It’s pretty common for guys to let go of friendships out of simple laziness. So think about organising some reunion events, you will find their partners etc are only too happy to help out with those types of events as they will be worried about the isolation of the men in their lives. 

Finally there are men specific groups out there now. Dadblog is a good example, but there are others. Network into one and you’ll find info on all the others. In these groups the guys will be very open to making new friends.”

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