Ellie asks :

I'm in a relationship with a guy I really like and it was going great. But then this new girl joined school and they always hang out hugging joking around and excluding me. The new girl hates me and I tried talking to her but she just ignores me. Now my boyfriend never even makes an effort to see me at school and every weekend or afterschool there is always some excuse. I have barely even seen him since the start of the week and I really don't know what to do. Cause I really like him (maybe even love) and I don't know whether he's just leading me on. I'm in my final year at school now and I just want to enjoy it with my friends. Should I break up with him or what????? Please please please please help!

Yin replies

If he is easily distracted by another girl showing up on the scene, he is likely not as into you as you are to him. If you are unsure whether you love him or not, then perhaps get out while you can before you fall any harder into this relationship. If he is this distracted by a girl, what happens when he has become bored of her company and then goes after someone else? You will find yourself in a vicious cycle and you don’t need to be in a position to have to worry about this.


Yang replies

Relationships need constant nurturing by contact both physical and otherwise and if he is doing neither then he is showing little respect for you as a couple.


If you are in your final year it is a very important time not to be distracted by relationship bother, especially is it is not going anywhere and he is not treating you right. Try and have fun with your mates, as you get older there will be plenty of time to dedicate to men, but now is your time!  


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